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Dive Liveaboards-Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Free Diving; What’s the Difference?

Snorkeling would be using a mask and snorkel; you may or may not have fins on. Normally snorklers stay on the surface and cruise around looking at the fish and corals underneath them. A lot of them will then want … Continue reading

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Liveaboard Dive-Planning Your Next Diving Holiday

Dive travel should be exciting and sometimes, planning it – whittling down the shortlist, choosing places to stay – can also be a bit of fun. However, the “wrong” holiday or a bad choice can be an expensive and regrettable … Continue reading

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Liveaboard Scuba Diving-Headaches Getting You Down When Scuba Diving?

Having the occasional headache when diving in is not really much of a deal, so it is really only those who regularly experience such discomfort that need to address the possible causes. The reasons why you might have a headache … Continue reading

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Diving Liveaboards-Scuba Diving – A Beginner’s Guide to Basic Open Water Training

Getting started with scuba diving means that you have to learn extensive scuba diving and go through rigorous training from the best and most qualified diving instructors. The instructors to look for can be found in a PADI or NAUI … Continue reading

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Scuba Liveaboard-Belize’s Great Blue Hole is it Really Worth Scuba Diving

This is a question that is repeatedly asked on the many dive message boards across the internet and the answers it receives is sometimes misleading depending on the experience of the diver whom answers. This article is written to provide … Continue reading

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Liveaboard Sailing-Scuba Diving From Sailboats

SCUBA diving from sailboats is generally something that will require some special consideration. Most divers want to get from the dock to the dive site as quickly as possible. If speed or time is not a concern, then there are …

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Coral Sea Liveaboard-How is the Coral Reef Being Affected?

Some marine biologist studies have said that the fringing reef grows at a rate of about 2 to 7mm per year along the shore. Corals are highly sensitive to environmental changes. Too much sediment, sand or mud, in the water …

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Liveaboard Dive Boats-Perfect Liveaboard Cruiser

The perfect size liveaboard cruiser is a simple question to ask, but can be complex to answer. The difficulty is that a liveaboard cruiser appeals to individuals on many levels including logically, practically and emotionally. What appeals to one person …

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Liveaboard Boat-Life on a Live-Aboard Boat

Many people do spend their lives contently on a live aboard boat. If you haven’t heard of a live aboard; quite simply, it is a boat that you live on year round that gives you all the accommodations you would …

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Diving Cruise-Why Take a Cruise Vacation?

Have you considered taking a cruise vacation but just aren’t sure if it would be right for you? With all the cruise lines available, all the cruise destinations, the range of prices, there is a cruise for just about everyone. …

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