Dive Belize-Dive Into Belize And Discover The Big Blue Hole

Belize, which is situated along the eastern coast of Central America, boasts a rich cultural history and varied natural beauty including spectacular diving sites. For a scuba holiday with a difference you could do worse than Dive in Belize. Holiday makers can visit the great Mayan ruins on the mainland or accept the challenge to dive in Belize’s famous Blue Hole.

The climate in Belize is hot and humid for most of the year with little variation in temperature even in winter. In addition to the wonderful diving opportunities, there are plenty of land activities for tourists, such as the Belize zoo and Ancient Mayan temples. Many tourists, however, come exclusively to enjoy the many dive sites in Belize.

Experienced divers tend to prefer the challenge of adventure dives, and the Blue Hole in Belize is one of those dives. A blue hole is a cave or sinkhole and is also known as a vertical cave. The steep drop means that the centre of the hole is a rich dark blue colour, and the closer one gets to the shallows around it, the lighter the water becomes. Blue holes are thought to have been formed during the last Ice Age when sea levels were much lower than they are now.

Belize has the largest and arguably the most stunning blue hole in the world, and located near Lighthouse reef, it is a diving paradise. The hole is nearly a perfect circle and is more than 1,000 feet (305m) wide and 480 feet (146m) deep.

Interestingly, a blue hole does not generate much circulation, thus little oxygen reaches the depths of the hole. As a result, few marine life creatures can survive there, though bacteria seem to proliferate.
Other famous blue holes include the Andros Island Bahamas Blue Hole and the, Egyptian Blue Hole just north of Dahab. All the main Islands in the Bahamas have blue holes, but the Andros Island is considered to be the best of the lot. The Egyptian blue hole, in particular, is known to be very dangerous and has claimed the lives of many divers over the years.

Belize also has wonderful world famous reefs to scuba dive. The largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere can be found in Belize. It has mangrove forests, coastal lagoons and estuaries and is surrounded by several marine reserves. The area has been placed on the exclusive list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, which is a testament to the great beauty found there. The blue hole and reefs alone make Belize a fantastic place to go scuba diving.

Divers travel from all over the world to experience scuba diving in Belize. For serious scuba divers, the one thing to do in Central America is to dive in Belize.

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